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About Take the Throne

A fast paced, tactical card game full of second guessing your opponents

In Take the Throne, you play as rival houses competing to take the throne and leave a lasting legacy on the realm.


In this fast paced card game you will be constantly second guessing your opponents in a race to reach 8 victory points.  The best way to gain victory points is to sit on the throne each round but only one player can hold the throne as the Monarch.  


Each turn, players select one card to play - The Monarch aims to retain the throne and all the house players try to play a card that will take the throne from them.  All cards can impact each other so selecting the right card is key to victory!

Try to outthink your opponents and play the best card that will get you onto the throne in order to gain the most victory points!

Can you master the right tactics to take the throne and leave your legacy?

How to Play

Take the Throne is played over a number of rounds until a player reaches 8 VP and is on the throne.

Each round is broken down into the following stages:

  1. Card selection phase - Players simultaneously select one card from their hand and place it facedown in front of them​​

  2. Reveal phase - Players reveal their played cards and resolve any applicable actions

  3. Resolution phase - Players activate their end of turn actions and identify who takes the throne plus collect VP

  4. Cleanup phase - Players change hands if the throne was taken and begin a new round

Selecting the right card is key to taking or retaining the throne.  The Charge card is a great way of taking the throne but if 2 or more house players play Charge, they are all discarded!

Take the Throne Defend Card
Take the Throne Charge Card


  • 28 cards:

    • 6 Monarch cards

    • 20 House cards (4 sets of 5 cards)​

  • 45 VP tokens

  • Rulebook



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